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Roku.com/link is online portal to enter roku activation code after purchasing Roku device. Roku link code is in device and will be displayed once connected to your TV.

Enter Roku Activation code on roku.com/link to link Roku device

  1. Connect Roku Device in your TV USB port or using HDMI Cable
  2. Click on updated software
  3. After update, You will get activation code on your TV Screen. Here is a sample code : XG789
  4. This activation code is Unique ,I your computer or mobile browser Type roku.com/link.
  5. You will be asked to enter activation code in box "Link Code", Enter it and click Submit
  6. Sign in to roku account or create a new one.
    • Create New Roku Account
      1. Enter your Name, Email and Mobile number
      2. Select your Payment Method, Credit or Debit Card
      3. Select Monthly, yearly plan along with channels of your choice. you can also choose Roku Plus
      4. You will not be charge for selection, you only will be charged after confirmation. For premium channel, it will be addional cost.
    • Sign in to your existing Roku account
      1. Enter your credentials - Email id and Password, Click sign in
  7. Your Roku device is activated.

For HD and 4K movies experiance your should opt for Roku Plus, this can be done at the time of payment selection method. Though Roku device is compatible with almost all TV types however you may face issue while activation and selecting your packs for best price.

Activate Roku Plus

To activate Roku Plus subscription and unplug more HD and 4K channels, go to roku.com/link again , click on select your plan, select Roku Plus and then proceed for payment. All Roku plus channel will be added in your Roku app, Click on Roku app on your TV and browse it

Roku Plus liberary

Roku Plus provides more than 100,000 movies collection, latest movies streaming with HD and 4K quality. Full series of TV shows without ads insertion. Live broadcast of sports channels and matches.

Roku Plus over Roku ?

Roku is more then sufficient if you are not fond of streaming movies and shows immediatly just after it launch, After some time all movies and show you can wathc on Roku, Where as Roku Plus enables immediate access of latest movies and shows.

Roku activation troubleshooting

  • Why my Roku device updating again and again?
  • What is the green light on my Roku streaming player?
  • How to operate Roku streaming device without interruption?

contact for support to get help for these issues